Activated Charcoal Powder

Activated charcoal powder is an underrated ingredient within a lot of people’s daily routine. It can commonly be missed known as the same charcoal that we use to grill. This should not be substituted with one another due to they are different. This ingredient has become more popular due to a great benefit, teeth whitening.


Activated charcoal was originally established for medical reasoning’s, but after further experimenting, other benefits were discovered. Activated charcoal is not considered to be a toxic ingredient as long as you are consuming the appropriate amount. One of the documented interests was discovered decades ago by Professor Touery at the French Academy of Medicine. Professor Touery combined, consumed a lethal dose of deadly poison with activated charcoal and lived to tell the story. This experiment discovered that activated charcoal is a powerful antidote and allows the drug or toxin to bind to it. Activated charcoal itself is a fine, black powder that is odorless and tasteless.


Itzbomb Aesthetics uses activated charcoal powder in our bath bomb, Hypo-Serene. We use it as a safe coloring for the bath bomb. It is not only safe for the skin but also for the bathtub. Itzbomb Aesthetics Serene bath bomb contains the activated charcoal powder, in which will not leave stains in the bathtub. This is perfect for a detoxifying bath. Below are additional benefits for activated charcoal powder:


Here are 8 benefits to activated charcoal powder:

1. Treating digestion

2. Teeth whitening

3. Clarifying face mask

4. Water filter

5. Prevents hangover

6. Treat snakes and spider bites

7. Prevent cellular damage to kidneys and liver

8. Reduces high cholesterol


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