Tangerine Essential Oil

Tangerine essential oil has an uplifting and stress-free aroma that balances great within our bath and body products.  It has a perfect blend with great benefits for your immune system, skin and emotional balance. It can be typically overlooked of all the essential oils due to people may think it as a powerful citrusy and sweet smell, but that is not accurate once blended with others.


There are mixed sources of where tangerines originated from, between Brazil and China. Citrus based oils have high levels of Limonene and are created through a technique called cold pressing. Cold pressing is a mechanical separation of the oil from the citrus fruits peel. The rind of the fruit is cold pressed and produces as a high quality oil. A common comparison from the citrus family is with mandarin oranges. In which, they both have very similar characteristics and are almost identical except for the color difference, pips and the time of year they are harvested.


Itzbomb Aesthetics uses tangerine essential oil within the bath bombs, Anodyne and Hypo-Anodyne. For the Anodyne bath bomb, we add the essential oil to enrich a person’s spirit and let off a cleansing aroma when the bath time is experienced. For the Hypo-Anodyne, the qualities are the same as the original Anodyne except, we also use the tangerine essential oil as a colorant. To learn about other useful ways for tangerine essential oils, continue reading below:


Here are 8 ways to use tangerine essential oil:

  1. Boost digestion

2.  Purifies blood

   3.  Relieves spams

               4.  Soothes inflammation

   5. Treats diarrhea

6.  Reduces acne

       7.  Treating dandruff

                      8.  Anxiety relief                       


Advising: Conduct spot test on the skin first before fully indulging in your experience. Seek physician care immediately if you experience a negative reaction or other health concerns.



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