Mango butter

 Mango butter is a native to India and is rich in essential fatty acids and antioxidants. Mangos can also be found throughout the Caribbean’s, Africa and Indonesia. Mango butter serves a purpose of moisturize, soften and soothe dry skin. Using the appropriate amount will decrease the chances of greasy skin and clogged pores. It is typically a creamy yellowish or pale color depending of the amount of purity or processing.  


Mango butter comes from the seed that is extracted from the actual fruit that grows on a mango tree. Once the mango butter is extracted, it is boiled at a specific temperature in order to get the right consistency. Due to its harden nature once it has settled at room temperature, it is rarely used as a solo component. It is typically an added addition to other ingredients or a base with different types of oils. Mango butter is often compared to shea or cocoa butter and they are similar in the form of being a foundation. They all have different beneficial qualities and weight.


Itzbomb Aesthetics uses the mango butter as a partial base within our whipped body butter. This helps contribute to the consistency and texture. Our body butter is amazing for dry skin and smoothing features. Despite what is probably believed, mango butter does not smell like mangos. It has a very soft and delicate sent that pairs with just about anything. Mango is a great addition to Itzbomb Aesthetics beauty staple. Continue reading below for more beneficial factors:


Here are 8 tips to using mango butter:

1.  Reduces appearance of stretch marks

2.  Soothes skin irritation

3.  Protects against UV radiation

4.  Reduce wrinkles

5. Makes hair soft

6.  Restores damaged cuticle

7.  Repairs dry skin

8.  Control frizz


Advising: Conduct spot test on the skin first before fully indulging in your experience. Seek physician care immediately if you experience a negative reaction or other health concerns.  


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