What is your type!?


 Maybe that question should be more specific, so let me rephrase that. What is your skin type? We all know that everyone’s skin is unique in its own way. Therefore, it is very essential to know your skin type for proper care reasoning’s and be one step closer to the flawless skin we all aspire to have! Most of us may have been misinformed or misdiagnosed of our skin types, in which resulted in your skin not being at is best. After the viewing of this blog post, take a moment to figure out what’s your skin type.


In no particular order, here are five different skin types: Normal, Combination, Dry, Oily and Sensitive. With normal skin types, you are able to try different types of products without any sort of reaction. As well as your complexion is not too oily or too dry, with scarcely detectable pores. Next too be described is combination skin types, in which your “T-Zone” is noticeably oily, while the rest of your face is either normal or dry. To be a little more informative, your T-Zone consists of your forehead, nose, and chin in which those areas may require more attention with different products. Your pores are more open, appear larger and become clogged easily, more likely to have blackheads and your skin may change according to the climate or season. Then, we have dry skin types. Being dry, your skin is very itchy, crackly or become irritated and inflamed easily. Your pores are almost invisible but lines or creases are more noticeable. Another skin type description is oily skin. Oily skin has an obvious shine that occurs a lot of the times during midday in which moisture locks in and your face feels greasy. Also, inflamed and non-inflammatory acne occurs all over and not just in specific areas. Lastly, we have those with sensitive skin. Redness, burning, itchiness and other abnormal reactions occur on the skin. With sensitive skin, one must be very cautious on products that they experiment with because they are more prone to negative reactions. Making sure to read labels and stay away from items that you know gives you a harsh feel, is highly recommended.


Even though we all may have different skin types, there is one that is common with all, knowing the basic skin care.  Here are a few listed below:


  • Stay Hydrated

  • Do not smoke or be surrounded in a closed area with it

  • Moisturize

  • Remove makeup before bed

  • Avoid constant direct sunlight



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