Itzbomb Future Product.......Body Scrubs

As Itzbomb Aesthetics continues to expand, a future addition to our collection will be.................. Body Scrubs! Our body scrubs contain quality ingredients that give a tantalizing exfoliating treatment leaving your skin suave and silky. Our scrubs are designed to bring a polished balance to the five different skin types without a harsh affect during your “facial” to the body.

Itzbomb Aesthetics body scrubs consist of all natural ingredients that is not harsh on your skin. Like any other body or beauty product, you should never overly use to avoid drying out the skin of its natural oils.                                 

Pair your body scrub with our body butter or other body lather that not only leaves your skin moisten but smooth to the touch! You want to be aware of your skin and notice any changes so that you will not over scrub to the point that you are drying out your skin of its natural oils. Body scrubs have many purposes in which, having the treatment at least once a week can be very essential in your beauty regimen.


Here are 8 tips to using body scrubs:

1.  Useful in self-tanning

2.  Gentle exfoliator

3.  Promote youthful skin

4.  Skin moisturizer

5.  Improve cellulite and aging

6.  Increase circulation

7.  Stimulates skin glow

8.  Detoxifier


Advising: Conduct spot test on the skin first before fully indulging in your experience. Seek physician care immediately if you experience a negative reaction or other health concerns.



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