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     When you think of a car, gasoline is used to fuel and lubricate the vehicle into running accordingly. Humans need to be fueled and lubricated to run accordingly as well, but water is our fuel. Water is the most essential element to consume for good health. Research has shown that a growing human embryo is more than 80% water, a newborn is roughly 74% while a human adult body is made of approximately 70%. With that in detail, water is a major factor within one’s life and consuming the appropriate amount can be very effective.

     Receiving your daily necessity of water not only is good for your skin and organs, but also your hair and psychological aspect as well. Being mindful of the type of water you ingests and bathe in is very important. For example, purified or contaminant-free water can be way more favorable than tap or chlorine water. This will protect you from harmful contaminants found in water.  

      Also, do not forget that you can eat your water as well. How so? Just to name a few edible items are as follows:

          *A cucumber and lettuce both contain 96% water.

          *A strawberry and watermelon both have 92% water.

          *A pineapple and orange both contain 87% or water

      Itzbomb Aesthetics promotes healthy lifestyle and encourages life betterment. In which, water plays a major factor.  



Here are 8 reasoning’s for more water intake:

1.  Strengthen nails

2.  Clears acne

3.  Reduces hair loss

4.  Glowing hydrating skin

5.  Fat burner

6.  Boost mood and brain powers

7.  Protects body organ and tissue

8.  Regulates body temperature



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