Itzbomb Aesthetics Beauty Staple Ingredient........ Shea Butter

A beauty staple in Itzbomb Aesthetics products is shea butter! There are different kinds of shea butter goods and different colors. Shea butter can be different shades of yellow or white. In which the white or bleached colored butter is has went through the refining process that eliminates some of the valuable properties. While the yellowish color of the shea butter is unrefined.

      Shea butter is found a nut within the shea tree seed that is grown in Africa. When the nut is crushed and processed by boiling to extract the oil, the fat that is produced is shea butter. This is a very versatile good in which can be used in different forms and found in many of you popular beauty products. Such as lotion, soap bars, body butters, balms and etc.

     Itzbomb Aesthetics only use 100% pure and unrefined organic virgin African shea butter to bring high quality purity to your skin. While consistent baths are known to dehydrate or strip your skin from its natural oil and moistures, our bath bombs will reestablish moisture and prevent dryness.


Here are 8 tips to using shea butter:

1.  Heals burns

2.  Great source of Vitamin A, E and F

3.  Fades dark marks and scars

4.  Prevent shaving bumps

5.  Soothes itchy scalp

6.  Restore elasticity in skin

7.  Soften brittle and dry hair

8.  Skin moisturizer


Advising: Conduct spot test on the skin first before fully indulging in your experience and dilute accordingly, if applicable. Seek physician care immediately if you experience a negative reaction or other health concerns.


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