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Hi, we are Courtney & Jaleah, two adolescent friends with a passion for all things Lavish and luxurious! Often times we have been consumers of products where we have found a void in quality ingredients or the products not measuring up to our overly critical expectations. Consequently, after a typical Saturday of Sister Time, experimenting with bath bombs, we became instantly intrigued by their composition. Out of this infamous day we became full of 'What ifs' regarding the endless possibilities and creation of the effervescent concoctions. Soon after, our affection and abstractions generated the prototype 'Bombacious'! Namely, we derived at our moniker 'Itzbomb' Aesthetics from our intercultural language use of the term bomb in reference to our intense elation of a product or service. Not only are our products bomb due to their chemical properties, you will find that the quality and conscious ingredients measure up to the name! We are the composers of 'organically alluring' handcrafted bath and body products.
                                                                                                                             Courtney & Jaleah

E-mail: itzbombaesthetics@gmail.com

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